Mittwoch, 11. April 2007

Cloud tutorial 1

A cloud Tutorial:
Part 1: The base cloud

Examples of use:
The angels of SodomGormenghastNebëhr Gudahtt"My God, it's full of sauerkraut!"
Die Oktobergöttin der Bierleichen blickt auf ihr Volk herabLP-Cover for a forgotten prog-bandEin Ünchner im ImmelOceanus Hopkins

1) Start with a new small, sized empty pic (e.g. 800x800):

2a) Reset foreground/background color to b/w
2b) Filter->Render->Clouds:

3a) Duplicate layer (to cover possible holes while later stretching). Select this new layer
3b) Zoom out to 33% or less (e.g 25%)
4a) Select Tool 'Rectangular Marquee' with a double click; set smooth to a any value (e.g. 8)
4b) Select the upper half of the pic (not excatly the center line - set the horizon where you want..):

5a) Edit -> Transfrom -> Perspective
5b) Stretch and skew the selected part by the top edge:

6) Select the lower half of the pic
7a) Edit -> Transfrom -> Perspective
7b) Stretch and skew the selected part by the bottom edge

8) Colorize the cloud layer with Image->Adjust->Variations:

9) Merge all layers:

To be continued... ( 'Grain & Rain')

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