Montag, 29. Januar 2007

Laagon town 2

Another view to a lagoon town.
This an typical output after reendering by Bryce: artifical, pale & smooth and without any fantasy touch:

- Cropping the empty space near horizon
- KPT Seamless welder for some subtile reflections
- Adjust the color to more bluie
- Adding perspective clouds
- And a b/w-gradient to hide the empty foreground. The pyramids now looks like giants without a real ground..:

Laagon town 1

Optimize an older Bryce reendering (Series #1427/Variation #27) of a lagoon town

Well, good empty space, but too dark...No more idea.

Sonntag, 21. Januar 2007

Battle of Anghari 3

Current Mini-series #1932; Variation of Leonardos 'battle of Anghari'

Final steps:
- Merging all previous layers;
- Creating a radial alpha mask to divide the center and the outer parts.
- Masking the center and apply 'unsharp mask' and contrast and a little more blueness
- Invert mask and apply some blurness, decrease contrast
and add a red corona to reduce the restlessness.
And finally I lighten up the complete pic.

Samstag, 20. Januar 2007

Battle of Anghari 2

Current series #1932; Variation of 'Battle of Angihari' from Leonardo

Step #1932_03:
Expand wide; add a third layer with swirl tubes (all blend 'hard light' 100%);
add a another graphics as layer with colored pebbles & rocks, blend 'hard light' ~33%

4) The layer with colored pebbels have a little bit disharmonic color effect;
so I replaced it with one of my architectonical graphics;
try out all possibles blending methods and layer position
for the most dramatical effect:

Well, this maybe the right way.
Not perfect, but some over-restless parts must be summarized to more balanced plains.
It not looks any more like a battle, but moe like a silly fight with a structureless dragon. ;-) This problem must be solved with the next steps.

To be cont'..

Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2007

Battle of Anghari 1

Start experiment with Leonardos 'battle of Anghiari' (with the reproduction by Rubens).
A little bit difficult, because the original is already overfilled - every additional stroke is unneccesarry.
Beginning overpaint with some planless worm tubes:


2) Add some more effects: A second group with layer; and blend difference 36% with a mirrored&lighten version:

to be cont'..

Montag, 15. Januar 2007

Ghost in the elevator

Current series #1931:
My first attempt with 'Clothing ' in Poser 5.

Well, not very original: a tablecloth falling down on a head of a standard figure/pose...

So I take a greasy pic of me in a elevator, overlay it with the figure and add some kitschy effects (clouds, radial blur and background swirls etc):

1) Clip0002

2) 1931_iprogress

3)Spaßfoto für

Well, a good weird mood, but this kind of horror/depriming subject are not my personal taste...